The Oncenter


Located at 800 South State Street in downtown Syracuse, NY, the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center is a state-of-the-art venue for large trade shows and events.

RetroGameCon 2016 will occupy a huge 60,000+ square foot space, which includes 5 key locations within the Convention Center:

  • The Exhibition Hall: the biggest room in the Convention Center and the home of our massive vendor and artist marketplace, as well as our Extra Life Stage and DJ Stage!
  • The Ballroom: the size of two college basketball courts, this spacious and comfortable room hosts our huge video game free play area, tabletop free play, fighting game tournaments, and trading card game tournaments.
  • The Atrium: a beautiful hall adjacent to the Ballroom and Panel Rooms, which will feature our main stage with musical acts, cosplay, movies, and trivia throughout our 2-day event
  • Gallagher Hall: the lobby and registration area, where attendees will enter RetroGameCon, featuring our merch table, as well as informational tables for other conventions and sponsors. This important section of the Convention Center provides access to all other parts of the building.
  • The Panel Rooms: 10 individual meeting rooms which will host a variety of gaming panels and other activities, including The Artemis Bridge Simulator and The Lounge, a place to rest, recharge, get streetpasses, brag about your haul from the vendor marketplace, and hang out with friends!



Gallagher Hall


The Ballroom

011608BALLROOM2mjg.jpgMagazinephotobyMikeGreenlar2008. The newly renovated ballroom at the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center at Oncenter.

The Exhibition Hall


The Atrium