Special Guests

PLEASE NOTE: The information on this page is from the 2016 show. Stay tuned for updates on RetroGameCon 5!


RetroGameCon 2016 is shaping up to be our best show yet, with a great variety of special guests!

Pat Contri


Pat Contri, AKA Pat the NES Punk, is a gamer, collector, and podcaster, known for his shows on YouTube (Pat the NES Punk, Flea Market Madness), as well as his popular podcast The Completely Unnecessary Podcast.

He’s also the author of Ultimate Nintendo: Guide to the NES Library, as well as the curator of thepunkeffect.com. He’s been a frequent guest at other conventions like Magfest, PAX, TooManyGames, and PRGE.


The Gaming Historian


Norman Caruso is the host of the popular YouTube channel and video series, The Gaming Historian.  On his channel, Norm explores the history of video games with superbly researched, documentary-style videos, with an emphasis on a polished and professional presentation. With over 18 million views and nearly a quarter-million subscribers, The Gaming Historian is gaining rapidly in popularity among those interested in gaming culture from a historical perspective.




The World is Square is a 5-piece folk band from Boston, MA, focusing on musical tributes from the classic years of SquareSoft and Enix games. They perform music from titles like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, and more using a variety of traditional as well as unconventional and modern instruments! They’ve played at huge shows like MagFest and PAX East and we’re really excited to welcome them to our stage this year!




Sammus is an upstate New York-based rap artist and producer. Her production is characterized by her use of uniquely chopped samples and video game-like synths. Labeled the “rap Aisha Tyler” by MTV Iggy for her intelligent lyrics, Sammus has built a following within the underground hip hop scene and has become one of the faces of black female geeks within the growing nerdcore hip hop movement.




A legend among Nintendo collectors and enthusiasts, Thor Aackerlund was the overall winner of the 1990 Nintendo World Championships, a star of the 2011 documentary film Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters, and generally known as the best Tetris player in the world with records for both “Most Lines” and “Highest Level” on Twingalaxies.com. He was a spokesperson for Camerica games during the NES days, and was also featured in Nintendo Power Magazine issue #18!


Bec’s Cosplay Wonderland


Cosplayer. Shrek Enthusiast. Ice Cream Shoe Junkie. With her base of operations in Downtown Toronto, Bec has dedicated most of her free time to the art of cosplay. She first entered the community wearing only Kairi from Kingdom Hearts to a few local conventions, but has added closets full to her repertoire since then. Spanning Disney to DC, her costumes have evolved to catch the attention of a hugely diverse following on Facebook and Instagram. 


You Bred Raptors?


YBR? is a three piece experimental post rock band made up of 8 string bass, cello, drums, and glockenspiels. They’re well known for performing in the NYC subway system as part of the Music Under New York program, but they’ve also made radio and television appearances, opened a sold-out show at the Gramercy Theatre, and played 30 cities in 2015 alone. They’ve also made appearances at gaming conventions like Magfest and Too Many Games.




Pete Dorr runs a popular YouTube channel with over 110,000 subscribers, Pete’s Game Room. Pete covers a variety of topics from collecting and game reviews, to general video game discussion. He’s been creating gaming content on YouTube since 2008 and was one of the first YouTubers to start doing “Video Game Pickups”-style videos. 




smzeldarules is a talented cosplayer hailing from Buffalo, NY. Specializing in awesome handmade costumes from popular JRPGs like .hack, Suikoden, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, as well as anime/manga franchises, we are happy to welcome her as a special Cosplay guest for RetroGameCon 2016!




Joe Granato is a professional videographer, filmmaker, musician, and documentarian. An Upstate NY native, Mr. Granato is the mastermind behind the successful Kickstarter project The New 8-Bit Heroes, a documentary about the development of Granato’s childhood dream, a new game for the NES called The Mystic Searches. The project is set to be finished this year, just in time for RetroGameCon!




Chipocrite, a.k.a. Paul Weinstein, uses original Nintendo Game Boys, often accompanied by guitar, bass, drums, and/or other instruments, to create complex audio masterpieces. He has performed at numerous concerts, events and conventions, including the Vans Warped Tour, Blip Festival, MAGFest and AnimeNEXT; provided soundtracks for commercials — including a nationally televised GameStop ad — as well as video games and online videos; and released three EPs in addition to his first full-length album, “Wordplay,” in December 2014. Chipocrite is currently working on the soundtrack for “EarthNight,” a rogue-like runner game coming soon to PS4 and other devices.




Chibi is a New England based cosplayer and casual gamer. She has been going to conventions since she was 14 and her love of cosplay and video games has only grown since! Some of her most well known cosplays include gender swapped Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat, Juri Han from Street Fighter, Lighting from the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, and Paine from Final Fantasy X-2, along with many others! Her favorite games include Bioshock, Diablo III, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, and The Witcher. She and her cosplay partner, Morgul Cosplay, will be debuting their Overwatch cosplays this October. 




Morgul has been playing video games all of his life and dove into the world of cosplaying with Chibi Kitsune this year. His current cosplays include Squall from Final Fantasy/Dissidia, Beach Link from Legend of Zelda, Feraligatr from Pokemon, and he is just finishing Reaper from Overwatch!




ViciousCosplay comes to RetroGameCon from New Jersey and brings with her a wealth of cosplay experience and a pedigree of award-winning handmade costumes. She’s a frequent guest of anime conventions like Otakon and gaming conventions like MagFest, and has achieved much recognition for her top-level cosplay. 



Rerez is a YouTube channel presented by Shane Luis all about video games. Presenting you the newest, strangest and most unique gaming topics. Featuring high quality reviews of new video games, consoles, previews, oddities, rare titles, unknown hardware, classic and retro games, and much more!

Home of Positives & Negatives, Rerez Talks, Cooking 4 Gamers, Garry Gamer and regular episodes of Rerez!




Scott, AKA Grimsie42, has been an avid player and collector of video games for many years and shares his experiences with fellow gamers on YouTube. His channel features “The Quest for NES” which is a series of videos following Grimsie’s quest to complete the NES collection, featuring special YouTuber guests. On his channel, you can find garage sale pickup videos, exclusive interviews with some of YouTube’s most popular gaming personalities, and more!




ShazuHime is a downstate NY cosplayer, and a certified fangirl. She is obsessed with everything from cartoons to comics, games and Disney Movies. Shazu began her cosplay journey as Starfire from Teen Titans the Animated series in 2013 and since then has traveled to a variety of conventions along the east coast. She’s been vlogging her adventures since 2014 and hopes to meet everyone who supports her love for cosplay.


Kara’s Cosplay


Cosplayer, Costume/Prop Maker, Geek. Hailing from Central NY, Kara started cosplaying in October 2013, but has always loved dressing up as her favorite characters. She enjoys designing & creating the costumes just as much as she enjoys wearing them! Kara is in love with the entire cosplay community. She loves to meet fellow cosplayers & admire their amazing talent! She also loves meeting fans who share in the same fandoms! She is constantly blown away by the support & enthusiasm of her followers, and still is so amazed that people actually like all her silly little costumes! Kara is still a rookie in the cosplay world, but she hopes to continue improving her skills. She is constantly working on at least a half dozen costumes at once; always preparing for her next convention.