Panel submissions for RetroGameCon 5 (November 18th & 19th, 2017) are now open! If you are interested in applying to present a panel, please fill out the application here!

The following information is from our 2016 show: 

Gaming Historian Live!


Join Norman Caruso as he presents a live episode of his show. The topic is a mystery, but you are sure to learn something new. There will also be a round of Jeopardy!, where members of the audience get a chance to show off their knowledge and win prizes. The panel concludes with a Q&A session.


Cowabunga: Behind the Ninja of the TMNT


Join in for a presentation by RetroGameCon Panel Director James McKay. “Cowabunga” will be an exploration of what has made TMNT into a pop culture phenomenon over the course of many video games, movies, television series, hundreds of comic books, and countless toys and action figures. Come join James as he geeks out over one of his childhood passions, and discusses one of our favorite world-famous franchises, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!


Classic Video Game Audio & Chiptune Music with Chipocrite


In this panel featuring RetroGameCon musical guest Chipocrite, the audience will experience an interactive demonstration and discussion showcasing audio made with classic video game consoles and their sound chips. Learn about the techniques composers use to push the limitations of old game systems and “trick the listener” into hearing complex, impressive soundtracks. Revisit your favorite game music memories as you hear and discuss some of the most celebrated 8-bit era soundtracks, as well as some lesser known gems. Do you have questions about making music with Game Boys? Would you like to talk about your favorite video game musicians and find out how they do what they do? Stop by this panel and learn!


Is “New Retro” Good for Retro Gaming?


Join Shane Luis of Rerez, Kevin Manne of Buffalo Pinball, Jennard Robinson of Invisible Cat Patrol, and T.O. Massey of Headcolors TV as they ask the question: “Is “New Retro” Good for Retro Gaming?” This team of panelists will cover various aspects of “New Retro” in gaming, from retro influences on indie gaming to the resurgence of the video arcade, as they try to figure out how all of this affects the market of our beloved hobby.


Live Discussion with Pete Dorr!


Join YouTuber and collector Pete Dorr as he discusses various topics such as awesome obscure retro game consoles that you never even considered collecting for, how to collect games in the modern market while on a budget, and why you should create a channel (with tips for getting one started)!


VGBS – 90’s Gaming Nostalgia with Jeffrey Whittenhagen


The 90s were a great time to play video games! Author and VGBS gaming podcast host Jeffrey Whittenhagen takes you on a tour of video game memories, games, systems, arcades and everything else 90’s!

Cosplay 101 with DestinyAmber!


Have a favorite character you’ve always wanted to cosplay? Then come to Cosplay 101! Destinyamber will break down every part of cosplay, from wigs to contact lenses and more. Come make your vision of playing a character at conventions like RetroGameCon a reality!



Just what the picture says! The video game ads from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and other companies throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s had some….let’s say unique offerings. Join RGC Assistant Director Patrick Milligan (River City Retro), RGC Graphic Designer Nathan Grant (Sprite Lovers), and RGC Free Play Coordinator Peter LaFrate (Friendly Pete) as they dive into the awkward, dirty world of video game advertising.