Another exciting panel! Game Over: Remembering Fallen Video Game Companies

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Game Over: Remembering Fallen Video Game Companies
Picture the headline: Sony No Longer Making PlayStation Consoles and Games.

Whether you are a fan of the PlayStation or not, it’s undeniable that it would be a very different gaming landscape than it is today. For some gamers, news like this HAS become reality throughout history. Whether it be long standing hardware or software studios closing down, many once popular names in the gaming industry are long since forgotten, or exist in name only as a shadow of their former selves.

Join CNY YouTube gamers the Sprite Lovers as they look back on some of the great companies that carried the industry in the past and the games that made them great. They’ll also take a look at a few lesser known companies that gave it their all but for one reason or another didn’t catch on in their day, but left a legacy that will not be forgotten.

Nathan Grant, Sprite Lovers
Meghan Hickox-Grant, Sprite Lovers

Panel Announcement – The New 8-bit Heroes

The New 8-bit Heroes

Central New York native Joe Granato is currently realizing a childhood ambition of developing an actual game for the Nintendo NES. A team of modern creatives (published fantasy author, film score composer, comic illustrator, etc.) see if they can retrofit their abilities to create a compelling game experience despite all of the 30 year old console’s constraints. Joe will talk about the methods of making a NES game using modern tools and the challenges and rewards of developing for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Joe Granato, Creator of The New 8-bit Heroes

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Next Panel Announcement! The Console Wars

A panel to discuss the battle of all time!

The Console Wars: Past, Present, and Future
What started out as arguments at the school lunch table and a few cheap shots between companies quickly erupted into The Console Wars. Whether you love it or hate it, the only thing certain is that it’s not ending anytime soon. In this presentation/discussion panel, we take a look at the history of The Console Wars, the struggles of today, and voice our thoughts on how we think it will play out into the future. Join us in voicing your opinion on this staple of the gaming industry. Fans of all consoles are encouraged to attend including PC gamers.

Vince Terio
Justin Conte
Paul Tschudi
Mike Stith

Another Panel Announcement! The 16-Bit Wars – Two-Faced Games

While Sega and Nintendo may be best friends today, we will talk about the Bit Wars like it was just yesterday. Although many of the games that were the same in name played the same on both systems, some managed to be completely different. In this panel we’ll take a subjective look at games from both companies, and talk about these odd cases of the same game with two identities. Games will include examples such as Adventures of Batman and Robin, Aladdin, Sparkster, Shadowrun, and more.

Adam Nelson, Infinite Lives

Game Making Panel Announcement

Game Maker Studio Workshop

You will learn how to make 2D side scrolling games with Yo-yo Games Game Maker Studio. It’s a robust program that Michael will take you through the basics of and put you along the path to making your own 2D game.

Michael Hayes has made games for Nintendo e-shop and Xbox Live.

Michael Hayes

Cosplay Panel Announcement

Cosplay from Concept to Creation
Always wanted to show off a whole new side of yourself? Have a video game, anime, or movie character hiding inside? Cosplay is all about embodying a character. Our team of experts can help you figure out where and how to start.

This panel will be set up lecture-style with topics covering embodiment of character, sketch and idea to creation, construction of costume, and prop making. There will be time for questions and answers at the conclusion. Examples of costumes and props will be available for you to view.

Have a question you want answered? Please check back and you’ll be able to email them from here soon!

Bruce Wayne, Cosplayer
Jennifer Syas, Artist and Costumer
Kate McKay, Artist and Seamstress
Mako, Cosplayer

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