The Angry Video Game Nerd Will Return to Syracuse for RetroGamecon 2015

11783641_10153490294865350_105828626_oThe RetroGameCon planning committee is proud to announce…

The Angry Video Game Nerd WILL RETURN to Syracuse for RetroGamecon 2015!


Angry Video Game Nerd (abbreviated as AVGN, and formerly known as Angry Nintendo Nerd) is an American comedy retrogaming web series, created by and starring James Rolfe. The series centers on Rolfe’s character, “The Nerd”, a “short-tempered” video game fanatic who delivers commentary and sketches on retro video games he considers to be of poor quality. The show would later encompass reviews of gaming consoles, peripherals, and short lectures about video game history and culture.

We are more than excited to host his attendance and will have details about his arrival, and scheduled activities, as convention day draws near!

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Salt City Series Presents: Salt City 2015 2nd Impact (Fighting Game Tournament)



Salt City Series returns in association with RetroGameCon 2015 to bring you the premier Fighting Game Tournament for Syracuse, NY!


Venue Fee: TBA
This covers your fee into RetroGameCon, so stay and enjoy the convention!
$10 Dollar Entry Per Game:

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
Ultra Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
Mortal Kombat X (PS4)
Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
Smash 4 (Wii U)

*Game list subject to change

For event news and info:

To be connect and be apart of the Syracuse FGC community:

Featured Panel For RetroGameCon2015: The New 8-bit Heroes


What does it take to develop a brand new NES game? Considering the limitations of the 30 year old console, is it even a worthwhile pursuit? In a time of photo-realistic  graphics, credible virtual reality, online playability, and infinite game mechanic possibilities, why has the NES aesthetic retained its relevance? These are just a few of the questions posed by the documentary The New 8-bit Heroes.

In 1988, 8-year old Central New Yorker Joe Granato designed a Nintendo game. Like so many his age, he sent the plans for this game to Nintendo of America, fully expecting to see his visions realized. And like so many his age, his plans were returned to him with a polite rejection form letter. Crushed, the illustrations were filed away and eventually lost to time. Almost thirty years later upon a return visit to his former home in Whitesboro, he stumbled upon what was left of these designs. He realized that as a programmer in his adult life, he now had the capability to bring the world to life. But could he actually build it for a legitimate gray cartridge? The New 8-bit Heroes documentary follows his independent game development team as they interact with homebrew developers the world over to discover the complexities of creating Mystic Searches, a brand new addition to the NES library of gray cartridges.

So far, various prototypes for Mystic Searches have shown up being played on ABC’s The Goldbergs, in the IGN studios, and at several retro gaming conventions across the US. As a homecoming for Granato, he will be unveiling a final prototype at RetroGameCon, discussing the significant ties that this new 8-bit game world has to Central New York, and offering insight into how others, even those with zero experience, can get started developing their own NES games.

RetroGameCon2015 Featured Panel: MEGAMANIA!!!

11745684_837490726328252_3999383807511755742_nWhat more can be said about Mega Man? Come to this panel to find out! Join James McKay (Zelda Panel last year) as he takes you through the journey that is the mega franchise of Mega Man! From the cool to the uncool, to the genius, to the downright strange. Come join the discussion of the blue robot hero from conception to future!

Save the Date!




Save the date! Saturday November 14, 2015, RetroGameCon will be returning to Syracuse, New York.

We are excited to announce that this year our gaming celebration will be held at The New York State Fairgrounds, inside the Center of Progress Building!

Much more info to come!

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