Panel Announcement: Super Retro RoadShow

12162879_10153662820125350_2064122424_oCome join our panel of Game experts for a twist on one of our staple panels! Not only will they appraise your rarities, but one of the audience is guaranteed to win a prize of their choosing! Come check out this panel, and participate by bringing your own items to be discussed. Who knows, maybe you will be the lucky winner!



DJ / Instructor / Beat-Chemist
DJ Silenze will be coming to Retrogamecon!

Who is DJ Silenze?

DJ Silenze is an upstate New York DJ recently performing for a number of videogame and pop-culture based events, to much acclaim!

DJ Silenze has performed with superstar nerd-core artist Mega Ran, nerd-core artist Sammus, Producer K-Murdock and on November 14th, he will provide music at RetroGameCon!

We are happy to have him on board again with us this year and excited for his participation with us convention day l!

Want to know more about DJ Silenze?

Check out his website for info and event booking:

BeatPort Mix

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Panel Announcement: What is a Homebrew Game?

nes-homebrew-840x420What is a Homebrew Game?

Published author and cohost of the VGBS gaming podcast, Jeffrey Wittenhagen goes over the ins and outs of what a Homebrew game is and how it is different from a reproduction or indie game.

Collecting Homebrew games is a lot different than regular console games so we will also go over a few recommendations how to actually find these gems and showcase some of the stand out Homebrew games that have been created by amazingly talented and passionate individuals.

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Panel Announcement: Dropzone Show!

halo-5-guardiansDropzone is a new Halo based Machinima Game Show that tests your gaming trivia knowledge. For the first time ever, RetroGameCon will provide the venue for you to experience it for yourself in the best way possible….Live!

4 people will be randomly selected from our panel audience to play a live and completely unscripted, small scale episode of DropZone. Come watch as they play, run, answer questions incorrectly, fall, die, or complete every challenge thrown their way, in an attempt to win a $25 Gamestop Gift card.Panel and prize courtesy of your friendly neighborhood New York Gamers Federation!

Need 16-Bit VIP Package upgrade to RetroGameCon 2015:

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Panel Announcement: Retro Future – Pixel Art in the Modern Era

12039453_871197972957527_8165947607841365295_nModern video game graphics and technology can transport you to worlds never thought possible and high-fidelity textures, animations and lighting effects are more realistic than ever. Despite all this, new video games are released with pixel-based graphics regularly on mobile devices, portable systems and home consoles. Is it all really just nostalgia? Join Nate and Meg from “Sprite Lovers” on Youtube as they take a look at what makes pixel art so alluring.

This panel and more discussion panels to come at RetroGameCon 2015!

Chipocrite Is Coming to RetroGameCon 2015 (Performance and Panel)

11954834_859389980804993_619879417236732b6864_nHappy to announce that Chipocrite will be performing at RetroGameCon 2015 and will also be hosting a really cool and educational panel: “An Intro to Chip Music, a.k.a. How to Make Music with Game Boys”

Who is Chipocrite?
Well…Chipocrite is a chiptune musician who uses original Nintendo Game Boys, often accompanied by other instruments, to create complex audio masterpieces. He has performed at numerous concerts, events and conventions Blip Festival, MAGFest and this November 14th, RetroGameCon!

In his part informative, part instructional, part interactive presentation, Chipocrite will provide an overview of chip music — a style of music in which artists re-purpose and push the boundaries of old video game hardware to create new and original compositions.


You’ll learn about the style’s roots, hear it in its modern context and get started learning how to make your own chiptunes using Little Sound DJ, the ubiquitous music tracker/sequencer software for the Nintendo Game Boy. At the end of the presentation, you might even have a chance to interact with LSDJ and make your own chip remix live!

We are glad to have him join us this year, and excited for his performance during the convention!


Can’t wait until convention day to hear his music?

Check out his music now:

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A panel you will not want to miss!

Sammus is coming to RetroGameCon 2015

Sammus announcement copyNew RetroGameCon Announcement:

Nerd-core Rap Artist/Producer

Sammus will be coming to Retrogamecon!

Who is Sammus?

Sammus is an upstate New Yorkbased rap artist and producer creating a major buzz in the nerd-core/videogame music scene.
Her production is characterized by her use of uniquely chopped samples, and video game-like synths. She has been called the “rap Aisha Tyler” because of her smart lyrics that often draw on her love of games and cartoons.

As her Metroid-inspired name reflects, it is her hope that listeners and future fans will be pleasantly surprised by the contrast between the person society says she should be as an artist and who she actually is. Sammus has done collaborations with superstar nerd-core artist Mega Ran, DJ Cutman and November 14th take the stage at RetroGameCon!

We are happy to have her join us this year, and excited for her live performance convention day!

Curious about how her beats and nerd-core flow?

Check out her music now:

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RetroGameCon 2015 16-Bit VIP Ticket Package Info!



We’ve upgraded the 16-Bit VIP ticket, and it looks great!
When you order your VIP ticket package, you will receive:

– 1 Hour early admission on to the convention floor

– A special VIP badge to wear convention day

– An official RetroGameCon 2015 t-shirt (Final Fantasy-Inspired design) to also wear convention day

– A sweeeeeet tote bag also with Final Fantasy-inspired design

– A large assortment of quality “swag” items in your bag

– 5 free raffle tickets for our huge selection of charity raffles items benefiting Ronald McDonald House

– The chance to INSTANTLY win 1 of 3 “Golden Ticket” prizes at the convention

These special, limited in quantity, VIP packages will be available to you for just 50 bucks!

VIP ticket packages, as well as general admission ticket sales, will be made available for purchase right here on our website August 31st!

If you haven’t already…start getting excited!!

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