Haunted: Halloween ’85 (RGC ’16 Edition)


Awesome news! Our talented friends over at Retrotainment Games have put together an amazing RetroGameCon 2016 limited edition of their extremely popular home-brew Nintendo NES game, Haunted: Halloween ’85.

Haunted: Halloween ’85 was initially released last year following a successful kickstarter and has been lauded as one of the best homebrew platformers to be released for the NES in years.

We’re really excited to unveil the custom RetroGameCon 2016 edition of the game, which features an exclusive red cartridge shell, custom RGC ’16 label, and custom RGC title screen.

This special release of Haunted: Halloween ’85 also includes a custom plastic case with RGC exclusive case artwork.

The game is limited to 50 copies available and is sold first come, first serve. We expect them to sell out before the convention on November 5th/6th so pre-order now!

The price of this limited release game is $60 and includes the custom game and case.

RetroGameCon 2016 16-Bit VIP ticket holders get a $10 discount for a price of $50.

Games can be picked up at the merch window at RetroGameCon 2016 registration using your valid photo ID. NAME ON YOUR ID MUST MATCH THE NAME ON YOUR METHOD OF PAYMENT. Sorry, we are NOT shipping Haunted: Halloween ’85 RGC ’16 Edition.





$50 Price for VIP’S ONLY (You must be a 16-Bit VIP Ticketholder in order to get this price. Orders without VIP status will be cancelled and refunded.)


Fine print: Only 50 copies of Haunted: Halloween ’85 RGC ’16 Edition are available for purchase. Copies are sold first come, first serve, and will not be reserved until payment is made. Purchasing a 16-Bit VIP ticket does not guarantee the opportunity to purchase the game. Once they are sold out, they are gone forever. You must show up in person at RetroGameCon 2016 and show a photo ID that matches the name on your method of payment in order to pick up your pre-order.