RetroGameCon 5 Exclusive: Justice Duel (NES)

RetroGameCon 5 and Mega Cat Studios have teamed up to bring you another RGC Exclusive game for the Nintendo NES! We’re proud to present our own customized variant of the awesome homebrew game for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Justice Duel!

Take to the skies on the back of scientifically-engineered eagles and joust against AI patriots from America’s past. Dodge fireworks, bear traps, and dead presidents. The history might be wrong, but the justice is so right.

  • Mech-eagle based combat for true patriots
  • Firecrackers, bear traps & land mine eagle eggs to amp up the carnage
  • Old Glory and Lincoln’s Axe activate the ultimate power-ups
  • Want Justice for All?  Grab an NES Fourscore and enjoy 4-player combat the new fashioned way!

The game also includes a CUSTOM LEVEL featuring one of the most iconic structures in Syracuse, the classic art-deco styled Niagara Mohawk Building! To our knowledge this is the first video game to include reference to Syracuse landmarks or history. 

Plus, our mascot RetroBoy makes an appearance in the intro scene!

Gameplay trailer:

The RGC 5 Edition of Justice Duel includes the game cartridge made with all new components, box and instruction manual, all with exclusive artwork.

Pre-orders are limited to only 30 copies, with an additional 20 copies available at RetroGameCon 5 on November 18th & 19th, 2017.

Pre-sale price is $55. The price goes up to $60 at the show. 

As this is a limited collectible item, all sales are final. WE ARE NOT SHIPPING THE GAME! You have to come to the convention to purchase one or pick up the one you’ve pre-ordered.  


Name of pick-up person?


Justice Duel is brought to you by Mega Cat Studios, makers of many other amazing homebrew video games for classic game systems. Make sure to check out all of their offerings and visit their tables at the show on November 18th and 19th!