Cosplay Contest at RetroGameCon 5 ($1000 in Prizes!)

RetroGameCon 5 Cosplay Contest Info!

Cosplay will be a main attraction at RGC, and our contest is loaded with over $1000 in prizes!

The Cosplay Contest will feature both Adults (SATURDAY 11/18) and Kids (SUNDAY 11/19, 16 and under).

The Adults contest has two sub-categories: Craftsmanship & Exhibition.

Exhibition is for those who would like to walk on stage to showcase their cosplay, without having to participate in pre-judging criteria. Exhibition is not eligible for prizes.

Craftsmanship is eligible for all prizes and will be judged on accuracy, originality, fit, and quality of construction.

ADULT PRIZES: Best in Show is awarded to the overall best-judged cosplay, and will take home $200 CASH! Best Expert and Best Beginner will take home $50 cash each, plus a prize bundle from our sponsors. 2nd place in both Expert and Beginner will receive a prize from our sponsors as well. Each of our 4 judges will also be presenting a “Judge’s Award”, based on something unique about a cosplay that doesn’t fit into the other categories. These awards include awesome prizes from our sponsors as well!

KID PRIZES: Kids prizes are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, plus 4 Judge’s Awards. Kids do not receive cash prizes, but we have some amazing prize bundles from our sponsors lined up with kid-friendly merchandise to go to the winners.

We’ve invited some amazing guest judges to help with our contest this year. We’d like to thank judges DestinyamberRabbit in the Moon CosplayHarv Cosplay, and smzeldarules for judging our contest, and Myratheon Cosplay for being our host/emcee!