Salt City Pinball League Will Bring Pinball to RetroGameCon 2015

At RetroGameCon 2015 you will get competitive pinball action!Salt City Pinball League and Buffalo Pinball League will be joining forces hosting a FREE high score pinball tournament convention day. The tournament machine will be: The GetAway:High Speed IIRemember Pinball?It is likely the coolest kept secret [Read More]

Panel Announcement: Super Retro RoadShow

Come join our panel of Game experts for a twist on one of our staple panels! Not only will they appraise your rarities, but one of the audience is guaranteed to win a prize of their choosing! Come check out this panel, and participate by [Read More]


DJ / Instructor / Beat-Chemist DJ Silenze will be coming to Retrogamecon! Who is DJ Silenze? DJ Silenze is an upstate New York DJ recently performing for a number of videogame and pop-culture based events, to much acclaim! DJ Silenze has performed with superstar nerd-core [Read More]

Panel Announcement: Dropzone Show!

Dropzone is a new Halo based Machinima Game Show that tests your gaming trivia knowledge. For the first time ever, RetroGameCon will provide the venue for you to experience it for yourself in the best way possible….Live! 4 people will be randomly selected from our [Read More]