ARTEMIS (Spaceship Bridge Simulator) at RetroGameCon 2016

5zbNWUnThe Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator will be brought to us by:

The Syracuse Society of Geeks.

Artemis is a Star Trek themed cooperative video game. Each player takes command of a different station aboard a single spaceship. There are 5 stations in total (Weapons, Helm, Engineering, Communication, Science) plus 1 Captain.


You must work together using the unique features of each station to successfully operate the ship and defend the federation against a universe of enemies.


Artemis will run throughout both days of the convention rotating players on an 45-60 minute intervals (depending on demand).

Note to first timers:
Basic instructions will be provided when you show up.
Don’t be concerned with having to know everything when you come to play for the first time. It’s actually more fun when you don’t!