About RGC

welcome-to-RGCRetroGameCon 2017 will be held for two days at The Oncenter at 800 South State Street, Syracuse, NY 13202:

Saturday, November 18th

10:00AM-7:30PM (9:30AM Entry for VIPS)


Sunday, November 19th



RetroGameCon is a video game convention that takes place every November, based in Syracuse, NY. The purpose of our event is to provide a celebration of gaming!

Its art form…

Its culture…

Its nostalgia!

Although we started out with a focus on classic video games, we have expanded to cover all aspects of gaming!

Retro video games, current video games, board games, card games, arcade machines, pinball…

RetroGameCon is Upstate NY’s Gaming Expo.

2017 marks our fifth year, and we are committed to adding more and more fun and activities going forward!