RetroGameCon 2

In 2014 RetroGameCon was held at the OnCenter in downtown Syracuse.

We almost tripled in attendance from the previous year, with nearly 1500 attendees!

Adding more vendors, panels, and activities, the 2014 RetroGameCon blew past our expectations and hopefully yours as well.

Our 2014 fighting game tournaments were run by Salt City Series.


Check out some of our 2014 highlights below:

2014 Hall 1

Our Vendor Hall! You can get that thing that you always wanted here.



AVGN with fan

Guests! Get to meet interesting and cool people from the gaming community like the Angry Video Game Nerd.



Fighting Tournaments

Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Get your PvP on with our video game tournaments hosted by Salt City Series.



Card Tournaments

In addition to video games, we host tournaments for other sorts of gaming. More of a good thing!




A convention wouldn’t be complete without cosplay. Get gussied up and come on out!



Panel Fun

Another convention staple – panel discussions! Cool topics that span from the history of gaming to the future of gaming.



DJ Silenze

Finally music – the best of chip tune and gaming music managed by Syracuse’s own DJ Silenze.